Effective Wood Framing Construction Estimates With Proactive Results!

AS Estimation & Consultants have an experienced team to offer wood framing services to handle all types of projects. We examine the construction framing materials to put forth the costs that will be required for the complete wood framing process to the companies. This estimation starts with a quick framing lumber estimation also known as framing takeoff services. We examine the studs, window openings, the headers for doors and top/bottom of the wall for horizontal plates. We also calculate the number of sheets required for sheathing the exterior side of the wall in order to give the desired estimation results. If you are wondering out reliable resources to test your project design framework, then AS Estimations is your go to stop. We calculate the perfect estimates for your company’s wood framing needs including the Studs, posts, beams, joists, rafters, trusses and sheathing, etc.

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