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Proficient Structural Steel Cost Estimation For Your Company’s Growth!

At AS Estimation and Consultancy, we cater to offer detailed and accurate Structural Steel Cost Estimation and takeoffs examining the complete budget range, the magnitude order, its design and most probably the bid estimates. Our expert and skilled estimators examines the complete structural steel for the companies to make the bidding process easier and help them in completing their projects in the given time span. All of the trusses, railings, stud framings, decks, castings and gratings are properly quantified and described which is proof checked by our estimate professionals. All the activity is done to ensure the quality of the services being offered to various companies. We examine each and every detail to make the steel estimates go accurate in the market and help build reliability across our clients. We are here to provide you with the most proficient structural estimations for your company’s including takeoffs for the beams, lintels, columns and joists, etc.

We estimate to serve you through quality results!

We aim at providing the best construction estimation services that best matches your requirements.

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